Page Six

Mon 29 June 2009     Greenfield

Blogging has been yet another form of wandering for me. During the very worst 15 months of my life, I have wandered in many ways, and this on-line journaling is one of them. Different blogs to emphasize different aspects of my story. Blogs written to simply emote, to dump the emotion onto the page so I could carry on with another alien day. And now trying to update all these blogs, to fill in details and explanations that I left out when I was just emoting so I could keep going, keep walking streets, keep hanging around for hours in places I didn’t want to be in.

I have wandered through poetry, my own and other people’s: through languages, through telling small things about my precious, stolen animals, through rage and derision and anxiety and too many unanswered questions. I’ve done nothing but wander in all these ways since the day I lost my own life on 12 March 2008. Wandering in hope for so long that I would get some of my animals back.

here to more about meanderings and aftermaths

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part of the book Kaikenlainen




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