Page Eight

Wed 15 July 2009       Turners Fails

I’ve always been an extreme questioner, a wonderer. I question everything, and I wonder about everything. It’s one of the things people haven’t liked about me over the years: Why do you have to question everything? Why do have to try to figure everything out? It’s the way my brain is, a brain that always wants to know the answer, even if I don’t understand why the answer should be what it is. This leads to more questioning and wondering. My brain’s been this way forever. I suppose if I were a sensible person, I would have tried sometime in my adult years to take my brain in hand, to discipline it, to tell it to shut up when it wondered about too many things and too many people. But I didn’t, I always just let my brain go where it wanted to go. Another failure, it seems. Another abnormality. Just another oddball thing of mine to make me so unappealing.

this mask, and others, are available from www.toscano.com. one of the things I used to collect in my own life was masks, but I had nothing as elaborate or expensive as this one. I circled it in the catalog: a dream for a someday that never came.


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