Thursday 30 July 2009

Page Eleven

Today I’m writing in Greenfield…

I go to sleep alone, wake up alone. No animals. For 55 years, there were animals.                                                

I fall asleep and wake in the dark and the semi-dark, shades pulled down. In my own life this wasn’t so. Rarely did I pull down a shade or a blind, as I always wanted as much light as possible. Even at night I wanted the windows bare, wanted to see the dark sky when I woke up in the night.

And then there’s silence. While I have a radio, I can rarely bare to turn it on, to listen to our radio shows without my friends.

Darker, more silent, more solitary than living ever, ever was for the 55 years I had animals.

This is what neurotypicals gave me, what they’ve made of me. They made this with sheer meanness, with laziness and indifference; they made it with lies, they made it with money and power that I don’t have.

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