Tilting at windmills

Page Thirteen

Turners Falls

I have to spend so much of my limited computer time going back over the 4 old blogs and updating them. I’m still trying  my damnedest to beat this delusional label I’ve been given, and I guess it isn’t working. Nonetheless I feel compelled to wander over those 4 blogs from the beginning and make the updates to try to defend myselfagainst labels that have no basis in fact . My whole life is gone for 17 months now, and I have no family to take care of, so what else is there to do anyway.                                 

But a big part of me would rather be wandering over the animals of my life, animals for 55 years, and I don’t feel alive without them. Maybe this blog is a good place to start doing that, but I don’t think I can today. Tomorrow maybe.

You can link here to the first page of this website’s rubrick blog, called Braonthree. It has links to my other blogs. And I hope at least one person will be kind (and intelligent) enough to look at some of my updates and conclude that I am not hearing voices or seeing things that ain’t there. But hope is just at bottom a form of denial, and I suppose I can’t spend overmuch time denying the fact that people would rather believe me nuts than believe that the situation I’m in vis á vis organized crime can happen at all to an innocent person.



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