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Page Sixteen

Wednesday 12 August 2009

I’m haunting in Turners Falls again this morning, though I failed to do it yesterday and wish that I had. Yesterday was the exact 17-month point of our last day together (Tues 11 March 08). At this time on that day (11 a.m.) we were living our very last hour in a home together, ever. The sheriff’s deputy came at noon. Thanks to the scheming of a complete lunatic, my 14 animals and I managed to have the rest of the day together, until 8:30 p.m., but how shabbily we had it: packed into a van. Fourteen animals and 3 humans, packed into a van for 8 hours. This was very definitely one of those darkly mixed blessings: we had those hours together that we wouldn’t have had without the lunatic, and I treasured every minute we could still have. But they were hours full of idiocy and discomfort too.

On the next morning, the 12th, 17 months ago today, my animals and I were separated forever on K Street in Turners Falls. One of my dogs had run away during feeding the night before (I had been forbidden to do this feeding myself; it was performed by the lunatic), and four of the cats had escaped their carriers and migrated to a second garage that was crammed with stuff, and they were hiding in it. My three birds were inside the house of a very unholy priest, and I wasn’t allowed to see them. My remaining dog was hauled off to the town kennel in Montague, and the other five cats were taken to the “shelter” in Greenfield, which is no longer there. It took an hour, from 8:30 to 9:30, to tear apart a family that had been together for years. All of the animals had been with me since they were very young. And during that one hour I endured yelling, lying, laughter and insults from a man who is now dead. He was acting, all of it. The yelling, the insults, all part of a stage play he was doing, but why? Why; because I was supposed to get my animals back. Over the next two months I got that message phrased indirectly from a number of people: I was going to get them back. What happened? No one will tell me. A tearing apart that happened on that day and was supposed to be temporary ended up being forever, and no one in Turners Falls (these “christian” people), will tell me why. No one at the DMH will tell me why.

17 months ago today we had to be taken apart forever. I love you:

Mishi    Brainse    Judah    Mandy   Shiloh                                                                                     

Chan    Chailin     Ziidjian   Aram    Abel

Chani    Tuuschi   Lizzie     Canajoharie

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