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Page Fifty-six

Thursday 18 February 2010

That’s what my days are, slogging. I determined when I began blogging almost two years ago to tell the truth. The truth that I’ve had to live for these 23 months is sad, depressing and ugly. Hence I have few readers. I’ve developed the impression that most people go to blogs to be entertained, and I can’t offer that. I continue to hope, maybe in vain, that a few people will come to WordPress looking for truth, even if that truth is hard to read.


Now it’ 2011. My observations remain the same: most people come to the world of online journals to be entertained. They want news (rehash, rehash), book and movie and game reviews, they want funny. I have no entertainment to offer. Only a hard life that ended (as I knew it) because of other people’s cruelty; only Matthew Lacoy’s words about still other things going on in my life at that time; mostly poems and drawings and photos made long ago, while I still had that other life I knew; mostly only the grim aftermath of what was done to us. True people. True animals. True life (though not a happy saga). Poems. Pictures. And now books, but not the kinds of books people are seeking in the cyberspace world.

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