march winds

Page Sixty

1. Saturday 6 March 2010, Greenfield

     Tessie       mother and love and wife

          25 Dec 1990 to Tues 7 March 2000

     Gretel fish       gold flame, gold grace

                            7 March 1998

2. Tuesday 9 March 2010, Turners

    At noon, I and my family were evicted from our home for no legally valid reason, on

    Tuesday 11 March, 2008, in Turners Fails.

3. Monday 22 March, 2010, Turners

     Shiloh       grandma-girl, tap-drinker, peek-a-boo

                  7 August 1992 – 24 March 2008

     Chan         a spy, a skinny glutton, a good cousin

                 17 January 1996 – 24 March 2008

     Ziidjian    the king, the scar on my hand that’s all I have

               17 January 1996 – 24 March  2008

     These three cats, (2 brothers, all 3 cousins) were killed by the

     animal “shelter” in Greenfield on Monday 24 March 2008, only

     two weeks after the eviction. Chan was killed, I was told, be-

     cause he “wasn’t very friendly.”   Though I asked, I wasn’t

     allowed to know who had killed them, who had cremated

     them, and where their ashes ended up.

4.  26 march 2010

     china…    tá brón mór orm

               7 august 1991 to 26 march 1992



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