once more unto the breach

Page Sixty-six

Monday 5 April 2010         Turners Falls hard

Well, last Wednesday, on the last day of March, I moved back to Turners Falls to live in a square footage of space that I wouldn’t even inflict on a dog. Shiloh-Chailin came with me, of course, and now Turners Falls is her town too. This is not wholly a good thing.

And this move was at nearly exactly the same time as another move my animals and I made in 2004, on Saturday April 3. We had a Saturday April 3 this year too, as you may  have noticed.   That other move in 2004 was supposed to be our last. Millers Falls Road was supposed to be our final and permanent home, or so I was told by the deeply mentally mangled landlady, whom I did not know at the time was possessed of so little sanity and so little truth. I believed her. So I moved into that place on that Saturday six years ago full of relief and gratitude and hope for the future. No more moving. A landlady who loved animals and wanted to have a friendship with me.  She wanted cooking lessons. She said we’d have the holidays together, since neither of us had relationships with our human families. She said she’d take  me to see my father’s grave, which I’ve still never seen. She said that now that I could stay in one place, maybe I could start making cards and things like that with my drawings and photographs. Maybe I could do the re-write on my novel.

And it was all bullshit. She started showing me exactly how much bullshit it was only six days after we moved in. Then her true colors started shining away, and they were ugly, I can tell you. And only got uglier the longer we were there. May the ocean’s dogs devour her. May the wind blow always straight into her pock-marked face. May (for once) what went around come right back around to her.

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