june, she’ll change her tune

Page Seventy-seven

1. Wednesday 2 June 2010

    Smart Birdie              I wish I were a tiny sparrow

                                 Spring 1989 – Wed 2 June 1999

2. Friday 18 June 2010

    Aram, Abel, Chani   ~~    Stolen, murdered was hardly the future I wanted for you on the happy day of your birth — at the bottom of a farcical pile of laundry. I don’t forget what vicious people did.

          20 June 2000 – when? in 2008. No one will tell.

Twelfth fatherless father’s day; can it be that many so soon. Oh, once you gave me a Greek sailor’s hat, but you never gave me your father, not the truth.

3. 24 June 2010

                  Zoë-Jane comes to us on June 4, 1995, from Erving, having been born in April. Run over by my landlord in the driveway on Wed 10 Sept 2003.

               Mandy, born in 1994 somewhere, comes on June 29 in 1995, from the canal. Stolen on 12 March 2008, taken to a “foster” home (where?), not allowed to have visits by me, probably euthanised by now, but what was the date of his death? No one will tell. In Turners Falls, as horrible gossips and diarrhea-mouths as they are, they keep their traps well shut when they want to.

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  1. Ariane5 said,

    February 1, 2011 at 8:42 am

    *sob* Animal suffering makes me want to check out of here. I had a cat run over and left to die on the street by a complete b*****ing waste of fresh air a few years ago and the anger still courses through my veins with alarming power. I would dearly love to meet that person and relieve them of what they hold dear.

    I dug his grave for him and not long thereafter, a Doppelganger appeared in my garden, neutered but almost feral…..and we stared at each other for weeks and, eventually I gained his trust and he now sleeps on my bed. We are currently working on “being picked up” and he seems to really want to get over his fear of humans…He lets me lift him now and comes straight back to me when I put him down…..

    He gave me another animal to care for when my baby died in March 2010…..

  2. braon said,

    February 1, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    Ari… thanks for sharing that true story here. One of the things I hope for on my animal posts is just this: that others who deeply value animals will come and share some of their love experience, death experience, rage at rampant human callousness towards animals. I’m glad you have another child/companion/friend.

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