the scrapbook art I

Page Eighty-three

Wednesday 7 July 2010      Turners broiling

on kuuma

So… here to discuss yet another form of wandering I’m doing since the destruction of what was my life. Namely, the graphics on my website, of which this blog is a part. I’m wandering through photographs that I took in my own life, through little objects that I liked when I was myself, jewelry, and more. When I don’t have the actual things that were mine because they’re trapped in the storage unit or trapped in a woman’s barn and she doesn’t seem to want to give them back, I get things just like the ones that were my own. A great many things charmed me, and a great many interested me, back when I was still myself. So now I’m wandering through them all, trying now to construct a visual representation of who I was to the same degree that I spent two years blogging, creating a written representation.

Every single visual “scrapbook” paste-on represents some element from what was my own life. Nothing appears by random chance. Nothing appears that doesn’t have significance in the life I lived with animals and with my other interests for 55 years. Wandering through words this long time now, and memories. Wandering the streets of Turners in tears. Wandering through animals who have shared life with me. And wandering through pictures.

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