All the odds and ends

Page One hundred ten

Wednesday 17 November 2010, TF                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Miscellanea is a little a book I’m construdting from blog posts that don’t fit into any of the other little books I’m piecing together, and this is its foreword. I’m very much in favor of a whole lot less formality in the writing of books, especially autobiographical ones. I’m not much for either pretense or conformity.

All of this blogging began in April of 2008, after the worst psychological and emotional trauma of my life: one that has changed me drastically and for the rest of my days. I had no idea in that April that I would be without a rental unit of my own for two whole years, or that the Department of Mental Health would completely fail to help me find a place, or that other things were going on in my life that I wouldn’t find out about until July. I had no idea that I would keep writing on the internet for such a long time, or that I would come to decide that I wanted to turn all of this writing into books.

Nine of the books I’m turning all this writing into have their particular themes, and the vast majority of the blog posts will fit into one of those. But there are others that are just thoughts and feelings on different subjects, or maybe on a book or a poem or a piece of music. All of the leftovers are getting tossed into this little stew of a book, mainly so that I can satisfy my new fever to organize all of this writing that I never dreamed I would do.

So, imaginary reader, read it or not. It’s just here.

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