fervor and faith

Page one hundred fifteen

Friday 31 December 2010….      turners tricks


              We twa hae run among the braes
                    and bracht the garlands hame,
                         but seas atween us hae roared and swelled
                               sin’  auld lang syne.

                                                                  ~~  rab burns


               “Tis not only while beauty and youth are thine own,
                      and thy face undisturbed by a tear,
                           that the fervor and faith of a soul should be known,
                                 to which time would but make thee more dear.
               For the heart that has truly loved never forgets,
                    and as truly loves on to the close.
                          As the sunflower turns on her god when he sets,
                               the same look which she turned when he rose.

                                                                ~~  thomas moore


                My haert is saer, I dare not  tell.
                      My haert is saer for somebody.
                            I would walk a winter’s necht,
                                for the sake o’ somebody.
               Ochon, for somebody.  Oh hae, for somebody.
               I would dare what would I know,
               for the sake o’ somebody.

                                                                ~~  also rab burns?


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all photos, graphics, poems and text copyright 2009-2012 by anne nakis, unless otherwise stated. all rights reserved.





  1. Babs said,

    January 3, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    From the Research Desk:
    Yes, “For the sake of Somebody” also by Robert Burns. Wishing you a peaceful 2011 and a year of ever increasing readership.

    • braon said,

      January 12, 2011 at 9:16 pm

      Babs: I’m very late finding this, but I’ve been sick. Thanks for your good wishes, and for passing along Bx3’s research. Has B3 been sick too?

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