streams three

tuesday 6 december 2011


reality doesn’t acomodate itself to the size and shape of the human mind.
                                                 ~~~   rebecca goldstein

let it all just blur… let all the lines unsharpen, this verge into that… why should I care? let it melt to an absurd fuzz of indistinct masses… it was always absurd anyway. let it melt and drip and blur into the absurdity it always and always was… I shouldn’t be here anyway, not now…

stop assaulting me with sharp delineations… be the misted mysterious, just as handy illusion (I will never not know what the misted really means)… assault me instead with bach-notes whispering eternal… a fugue as that dead tree, a brandenburg as that canal, another for the lines of the former church of anne… the church of anne is indistinct in visions, but whispers a brandenburg without cease…

let me proceed, one footfall and another, in notes… my ears will tell me bearings, will say: violin partita three is the little house from which you were thrown; sheep may safely, safely is the house on n street… ears will tell me where I am, ears and the gibraltar of his notes… eyes will tell me only the absurdity of melted mass… let dysesthesia draw the map…

let the gestalt all change… put away eyes for ears… let only those who bless the mist and breathe notes for landmarks harry me on the routelines that I crying roam…


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