friday 21 august 2009

Page Twenty


I shared everything with my animals. I suppose you can’t know, you can’t feel that, unless you have felt about animals in your life the same way I have.

We had feasts: thanksgiving, solstice, christmas, new year’s, my birthday, their birthdays. I cooked and cooked, and shared it all with them.

I walked with them, different places in different years, under sunrises and sunsets and full moons and the 2001 amazing leonid meteor showers. In snow and in rain and in sun.

I gave up my car to keep my family, as there came a point when there wasn’t enough money for both. I went begging for us when extra expenses had left money really tight.

I walked I don’t know how many miles from the center of Turners Falls to a place in Gill where my nervous, fear-biting dog was being boarded, all so he wouldn’t miss his Friday visit and get cranky with the staff.

And there’s much more to wander through, the sharing of our lives, another time. And the great emptiness.

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