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Tuesday 17 August 2010               Turners, of course

The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.                                                         

~~  chinese, but who?                                                                                   





Ah, but one of the many contrary and infuriating and selfish traits of homo sapiens is that great numbers of them are willing to bask in one’s bright lights, even to suck them dry if given the chance, but none are willing to engage with the dark-dark shadows that accompany bright-bright lights. Take but no give. Etcetera, ad nauseam.

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the ides of march

Page Sixty-two

Monday 15 March 2010, Turners Turning

Wandering, again, meandering, through a tiny bit of poetry, but it’s very hard for me to do. From Robert Frost:

                  Never tell me that not one star of all
                  That slip from heaven at night and softly fall
                  Has been picked up with stones to build a wall.


I’ve said in other places that I don’t believe in the afterlife of the soul, but do believe in the science that energy cannot be destroyed. And so it comforts me just a little to think that some energy from my murdered animals has made its way inside a star, and that that star’s energy has in turn entered some stones of a wall somewhere by shining on it. And rock energy and star energy and energy of one of my loved ones are somewhere mingled together in an old stone wall. Maybe a stone wall that I’ll one day walk by, or sit on.

                       “The permanence of the soul can… only be proved
                         (and no one cares to do that) during the life of man,
                         but not, as we desire to do, after death.”
                                                             Immanuel Kant  
                                                             Prolegomena to any 
                                                             Future Metaphysics


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nobody, nowhere

Page Five

sat 27 june 2009     greenfield

Nobody Nowhere is the title of a book by Donna Williams, a book about autism. someone recommended it to me this morning, and I’ve asked the library to get it for me. (here to my asperger’s blog)

nobody is precisely who I feel like without my animals; a bigger nobody than I’ve ever been before. on my blogspot blog, I use the name “nemo,'” which means no one in latin. after fifty-five years of having and taking care of animals, having it all torn away left me, in my own heart and mind, as nobody. and I’m going nowhere, because there’s nowhere I want to go without them.                                                             

Martin Heidegger talks about being toward death, and it’s something I’ve been doing for years, without ever knowing about Heidegger. we are all going to die, and so we are all living in the shadow of death. what the existentialists say (esp. Heidegger), is that we must choose what has meaning for us and live that meaning in this shadow of death. that’s what I was doing all my life with animals. that’s where I found my greatest sense of meaning and purpose. and neurotypicals took it all away. they did so because they couldn’t find it in themselves to let me just be the odd creature that I am with asperger’s and depression and anxiety and PTSD. couldn’t just leave me alone and let me be odd. they had to attack. they had to destroy the oddball world of my own that kept me going.


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