tuesday 18 august 2009

Page Eighteen

In Turners Falls again today, but I think the weather will prevent me from doing much haunting. It’s very hot and humid, and I already made myself sick walking too much in this weather in Greenfield yesterday. Will I get to walk to any memories today? Don’t think so.

Had a very weirdo dream this morning, with many elements in it of my life of 55 years, before the last of it was taken away. I had no more cats (they had been taken), but I went next door to a woman who did, and there I saw a litter box. This was a long dream, and there was a lot in it, including, at the very end, my two stolen dogs. But the one feature that is hurting me the most, and haunting me the most, is that litter box. Litter boxes were part of my life all my life, and I was in charge of them and their cleaning for decades. It’s all wiped out. Not a litter box in my days to take care of since 11 March 2008. Perhaps to you it’s nutty, but I greatly miss litter boxes, a job I did year-in and year-out for the loved cats who went with them.

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