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Thursday 8 July 2010       Turners turning off

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In 2008, when I began writing journals on line, I didn’t want to keep living. It was my goal to end my life,  and before I did this, I wanted to leave some messages on my blog for a specific person, who has remained unnamed. I haven’t yet been able to the thing I wish I could do, but maybe nature will do it for me. My health is never very good, and I smoke, and I eat mostly sugar and fat, etc. Anyway, the person for whom I’ve left these messages might possibly, upon my demise, get curious about what I wrote all this time. If so, the messages will be here.

They are a sort of code that only very few on the planet would understand, and since I was drowning in the code of Matthew and his colleagues for so many months, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t have one or two of my own. Nxonfu is another one of my codes, though one I did not invent myself, and I have some pages of that one too.

The code in these messages centers around a character called Bill, and as I’ve been wandering through my past posts, I’ve found more Bill messages than I thought there were.  It deserves a post of its own now, this Bill-code, especially since I might well write more such messages in future. So if you’re the type that likes to drive yourself nuts reading things you don’t understand, you can follow Bill around from here.

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(sandcastle at www.toscano.com, clip art sun)