friday 16 october 2009

Page Thirty-three


I’ve been wandering on my most recent entries through my lifetime with animals, and recording the birth and death dates that are still in my memory. Many, especially from my first 25 years, are no longer in those memory banks at all. I wish they were. I wish I had in younger times been the record-keeper I became later.

I went to Turners haunting again today. I go every weekday that I can, as there are no buses on the weekends. I can’t get through the days any other way.

Yesterday on I wrote about the recent suicide of my daughter’s father. We were never married, and he never wanted anything to do with her. But while he raised other children, he failed to adopt them and he died without a will, so now this child he didn’t want – my daughter –  will inherit 50% of his estate. Isn’t it ironic.

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