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thurs 25 june 2009       turners falls

yesterday some belongings were returned to me  —  belongings from my own life, which ended on march 11 of 2008. belongings that are dear because they are from my own lost life, but there was pain to hold them in my hands again and know that the loved ones I shared those things with are gone for good.       

I keep saying: it’s only one person’s story. but it’s a story of cruelty and devastation, and it will have ramifications for as long as I live. I have known other people in my life with such sheer devastation stories, and they have done very poorly, have been damaged forever. some people are more sensitive than others, more breakable, and amerikans don’t seem to want to know this. then again, amerikans don’t seem to want to know aynthing that makes them feel the least bit uncomfortable.

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