Tuesday 28 July 2009

Page Nine

Turners Falls

Yes, I’m here again, haunting. I haunt Turners, and Turners haunts me. And it seems it will always be this way. And all this haunting is for the same reason: I haunt the town because it’s where my life was and all my love, and the town haunts me for that reason, and for the further reason that this is where we were destroyed, these are the people who didn’t care, who left me living outdoors for two months without ever an offer of a couch or a spare room.


This is only one person’s story. Isn’t that all that any journal is, one person’s story? But it’s no fiction, it’s all truth, and it’s complicated, and my reactions to everything that’s happened since the psycho-chick with criminal connections moved into my building in 2006 are complicated. It may be a dark story, and I may be a dark, wandering ghost, but everything in the blogs is truth, as far as I could identify the truth at any given time with all the lies and smokescreens being thrown my way.

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