treasures we found…

 Page Eighty-five


…my friends and I.

                                 the fairy well                                         shiloh’s lookout

              the split road                        the hill to the morning

      solstice berries           the tiny cones                          running moose

                         star mouse                        snowflake trees

             butterfly flowers               deer, deer, deer                mishibogs

                                  a million falling stars

the log bridge                                      the guardian owl             whippoorwill                                                                                             

the toady pool                               the little singing stream          

                                      the sunset hill                the hemlock nemeton

              a million blue fireflies                  ninety-seven birthday bats

 herons                                   fairy flowers                              the sandpipers

             wee black snakes                           those baby possums for spot

each other                                                                wanderlust


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 (resin fairy at by Evelyn Myers Hartley)


Only the animals

Page Twelve

Anne Nakis… only animals loved her, needed her, valued her. That’s been true always. Not complaining. I feel very blessed by their

love and loyalty and trust. But I did always need one human, one of my own kind, to love and value and be with me. Could not get this among the human species.                                                               


to Animals

to the stolen ones


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