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Page Thirty

Wednesday 23 September 2009 …. Turners Fails

Both a ghost and a visitor to ghosts.    

Three years ago this day something devastating was going in my life, and the lives of my family, my animals. And on that sad, difficult day we heard for the first time a new (to us) piece of music on the radio. A lullaby from Mozart’s Don Giovanni. A lullaby was perfect for what we were going through, and because it was Mozart, it was a beautiful one. I taped it, so that I’d have it later when the dying one was gone.

But, in my stress and lack of sleep, I made a mistake about a half hour later and taped over it, the perfectl Mozart lullaby. While I was still listening to the radio, which was for another two years, I waited and waited for that lullaby to be played again so I could tape it, and still have it as a piece of beauty from this awful week three years ago. But I’ve never heard anyone play it again.

I wanted it for a memory of Mugsy’s leaving us. I still don’t have it, Mugsy. I’m still wandering, and still waiting to hear your lullaby again.

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