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Tuesday 16 March 2010 Turners

Such are the kinds of adventures my animals and I would have together, or at times I would be alone…  Adventures on the quiet, that didn’t cost any money, that rarely involved other humans. Things most people take for granted, I guess. Snowflakes changing as they fell, from large as quarters to smaller than dimes… Pileated woodpeckers being in sight (and sound) the moment we stepped out the door… One day near the end of us, a whippoorwill right on the ground in the morning, making it’s unique call at an unbelievable volume. The only whippoorwill I have ever seen and heard in the flesh. Scores of such things were our adventures, and would send my soul soaring as high as if I’d won a million dollars. That’s no exaggeration. Things that most people either take for granted or don’t even notice at all have been, for years, the things that excite and exhilarate me the most. And most of all when some of my animals were with me at the time.

And poetry — to read it or to write it — is still extremely hard. But this tiny gem, again from Robert Frost, sounds me many echoes of our adventures.


       The way a crow
       Shook down on me
       The dust of snow
       From a hemlock tree
       Has given my heart
       A change of mood
       And saved some part
        Of a day I had rued.


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