digging in the memory

Page Fifty-five

Friday 12 Feb 2010

I’ve put these lyrics on my Soulcast blog, oh, probably two years ago. But that site is now plagued by many difficulties, and I don’t know what’s going to happen to that blog. So here come these lyrics again, just because I feel, again. like putting them in cyberspace for my stolen animals.

Brave Hearts                             


Many moons I’ve waited
for your spirits to come.
Many moons have faded,
risen and set have many suns.
You are the water’s spirit.
You live in loud and quiet light.
Music needs souls to hear it:
You hear the music in the light.
Where is the sunlight biding
when it is not in your eyes?
Where is the moonlight hiding,
when it is not where you rise?


Many days, in darkness waiting,
when I could not see my road.
Lonely ways, far from you bending.
Murmurring shadows behind my soul.
Many tales time has told.
Life is new, life is old.
From this path I cannot part:
my feet follow your brave hearts.


All bright waters laughing,
rivers and rills and rolling falls.
Spirit like waters running,
rushes to earthbed when it falls.
I go with water’s spirit.
I seek the loud and quiet light.
Your shadows sing: I hear it.
We are still one in brave light.


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