where to go to find someone

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fri 20 june 2009     greenfield

where to wander to today… when you’re lost, when you’re so lost that almost nothing is real to you in any meaningful way. when nothing much at all has any real substance to it that affects you in a positive way, how can you explain that to other people? how can you take them with you to that place of the soul so that they can understand? do they want to understand? my own experience is that mostly they don’t, not even the so-called therapists.

the human soul, the human psyche are complex and not so easy to categorize as the mental health profession would have us believe. how do I describe to you how lost I am? how do I get you to feel that feeling, if only for a moment, so that you can know how bleak it is? I don’t know how.

the psyche… so well guarded for me by the lazy, undereducated, box-brained buffoons of the Department of Mental Health in greenfield.


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