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Page Forty-six

Wednesday 6 January 2010

So it’s 2010. There hasn’t been a change-of-year that’s been in any way cheerful and at least a little celebratory since the 2005-2006 change. Every new year that has arrived since then has been clouded over with threat, and fear, and strain. After all, the mafia-chick  – aka judith, aka rubberboobs –  moved into my building in July of 2006, and after that there was no year I was glad to see coming.

Yesterday I visited the canal in Turners, and the river as well,  for the first time in 2010. On Thursday the 31st, I had visited them for the last time in 2010. These places where my animals and I had so many beautiful minutes. What is there now but a great, yawning emptiness. There’s all the rage, too, at the many people who brought about this destruction, but this rage is mostly dealt with on my other blogs. Braonwandering, this blog, is primarily for the emptiness, and the memories, and the drifting.

If I died this minute, sitting at this keyboard, it wouldn’t be a moment too soon.

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