wednesday 13 january 2010

Page Forty-seven


Once, as my heart remembers
all the stars were fallen embers.
                                        ~~ roma ryan

I sang it for them, the song that begins this way, the song that isn’t one that I wrote… Sang it for them on Friday, Jan 8, when I went to visit one of my animal cemeteries. Left flowers for them there on top of the snow.

It was my first visit to that cemetery since 14 September 2007, when I buried the only male soulmate I have ever had, and he was a dog, not a man. My first visit to those graves since the day I buried Mugsy.

Update, Jan 2011: And now that cemetery has been taken from me too. The person on whose property it sits will no longer allow me anymore visits to leave flowers, plant plants, pull weeds. The human nastiness goes on, unrelenting.


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